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Christmas makes 2018

In terms of self-made Christmas gifts, this year was fairly quiet. I had drawn my father for the gifts and he’s more for comic books and practical gifts than crocheted dolls or knitted dresses πŸ˜‰ So the handmade items were limited to the gifts for my goddaughter. Firstly I sewed her a dress with the Lees meer »

Line’s second birthday

Last Sunday Line, my brother’s youngest, celebrated her second birthday! It has become a sort of a tradition that I give the girls something I made myself for their birthdays and this time was no different. This time I chose a pattern that has been in my favourites for a while now, but I never Lees meer »

Athena jumper

After I had finished Janne’s Bulle, I took a break from knitting or crocheting. Not only was the summer very busy, but also extremely hot, so I did not really feel like doing anything with yarn. However, then around the end of July, my hands started itching again. That’s how I rediscovered a batch of Lees meer »

Janne’s eight birthday

It’s a bit unreal that Janne already turned eight last June. She’s growing up so fast! Just like previous years,Janne’s birthday presents from her godmother were all handmade. I started with a simple sewn skirt, that I made in the last sewing class of the school year.    Next I made the dress that Janne Lees meer »

Cropped cardigan for June dress

My outfit for my niece’s wedding was not yet complete simply by finishing the dress. No, I needed a cardigan to go with it. I wanted the cardigan to be short, so it kept showing of my waist and the pleats in the skirt. I also wanted a V-shaped neckline to mirror the back of Lees meer »

Weasley sweater for Mini

Last Saturday I went on maternity visit at Evelien’s. At the beginning of February, she gave birth to her second baby, a boy named Lucas – code name Mini. I already knew it was going to be a boy, which gave me pause to figure out what to make. For her little girl, over a Lees meer »

Amelie’s fourth birthiday

Time ran away with me again and suddenly there were only 2 weeks left before Amelie’s birthday party and I still needed to start on her present. Doh! Like I said previously, the plan was to make Amelie another Bulle, since she loves wearing her pink one. It’s not such a difficult pattern, but to Lees meer »

Working on #4

My last update on my WIPS already dates back to last November ! So it’s high time to give you an update, since my hands have not been idle!     The sweater that I started at the end of last year has grown a bit further. I do not work on it all that much, Lees meer »

Adventure in colour

On December 23th, Line, my brother’s youngest daughter, turned one! Amazing how fast time flies. For her first birthday, I wanted to knit a cute dress and I had fallen in love with a pattern that required a technique that I have been wanting to learn since before I could knit: fair isle knitting. The Lees meer »

Every little girl wants to be queen Elsa

The plan to systematically translate my Flemish (=Dutch) posts in English has lost a bit of its wind, since I’ve been omitting so much translations. My last translation dates as far back as October 2015, while I have been posting fairly regularly in Dutch. I think this is partly because I don’t know how much Lees meer »