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Adventure in colour

On December 23th, Line, my brother’s youngest daughter, turned one! Amazing how fast time flies. For her first birthday, I wanted to knit a cute dress and I had fallen in love with a pattern that required a technique that I have been wanting to learn since before I could knit: fair isle knitting. The Lees meer »

Every little girl wants to be queen Elsa

The plan to systematically translate my Flemish (=Dutch) posts in English has lost a bit of its wind, since I’ve been omitting so much translations. My last translation dates as far back as October 2015, while I have been posting fairly regularly in Dutch. I think this is partly because I don’t know how much Lees meer »

Moana ta-dah!

Finished! The knit dress in Catania is finished! As I mentioned before, the dress turned out a little smaller than I had hoped. The chest size is only 57cm, while I had hoped for 61cm. Therefore I also compensated in the length and knit to 51cm. You can see a couple of sloppy areas, especially Lees meer »

On the needle

Hmm, I’m not so good at blogging about my current projects. At the moment I’m working on 3 knits and am swatching for a 4th. Seems I’m good at blogging about all my doubts before starting a project, but keeping you up to date on the knitting or crochet process is a weak point. So Lees meer »


With all my posts on whether or not I should make the Moana dress in Catania, you would forget that I only recently made a large purchase for a number of other plans. And in the mean time I’ve made a start with one of these plans.     I saw this dress for the first Lees meer »


That I can be pretty stubborn sometimes might be something you’ve picked up on already. I ask a question here, a couple of people reply this and then I still decide to do that. Yes, sometimes I have to see before I believe 😉 So indeed, I have already started knitting the Moana dress in Lees meer »

Noses and needles

If I had bothered to look further than the length of my nose, I would have been able to answer my own question about Catania from my previous post. Can you remember this dress from last year? Well, I crocheted this with exactly 6 skeins of Catania cotton and the end result wasn’t too heavy Lees meer »

The Queue experiment

After my last yarn splurge resulting into 32 new skeins for my already substantial stash, I started working with the QUEUE option on Ravelry. I walked through my stash, trying to link each skein to a pattern I could and want to make with it, hoping I could reduce that stash. While looking for the Lees meer »

Out of sheer frustration

I’m still unsuccesful with the stipey shawl. I just can’t get the edges right. I’m done wanting perfection. I would just really like to have both sides even, I don’t even care if it still looks ugly. I’m now aiming for uniform ugliness. *cough* But even that is out of my reach 🙁 . Out Lees meer »


For a project that seemed quite simple, I’m having quite some issues with these Dream Stripes. For one, this yarn proofs to be difficult to work with. I’ve never knitted with such thin yarn before and I’m having difficulties making out my stitches. Secondly, my edges for this project are a disaster. They just don’t Lees meer »