On the go #7

I’m one of those bloggers who isn’t really good at writing about unfinished things. I always wait to write about something when I’ve finished it and go “LOOK WHAT I MADE!”.
However, I always enjoy reading posts about ongoing projects, because I like to see projects grow and evolve. Plus, I think if I talked more about the things I’m working on, it might give me a boost to actually finish things.
Now part of the reason I don’t talk much about my works in progress is because I’m almost always making things for others and don’t want to spoil their surprise by revealing it here. But to be honest, this is also a bit of a non-reason, because (1) not everyone comes to read here and (2) if I really want to keep something secret I can still vaguely refer to it and take some creative photos.

So under the motto of sharing some more UFOs and WIPs*, I want to revive this “on the go” section** and take you through my crocheting and knitting activities of the past few months.

*: UFO stands for Unfinished Object, while WIP means Work in Progress. These abbreviations are often used online to refer to unfinished knitting and crochet projects
**: strictly speaking, this section has not previously been posted on in English. I intially only wrote in my native tongue, but now want to make more effort to translate my posts to English too. For my own ease of mind, I however will keep the same numbering for the post title as I do for the original post in Dutch.

In the spring I started planning a crocheted vest, after seeing a beautiful model in the window of Terre Bleue. The model was quite pricey and to my eye it only consisted of regular granny squares, which looked easy to copy.

As soon as I had time, I started planning: I looked online for other knitted or crocheted vests to get an idea of the dimensions, made a diagram in Excel and decided to try making it using only yarn I already had at home, using my online stash on Ravelry.
Then the sense of urgency subsided again and it remained untouched on the computer for a while.

A little later I actually got out the potential yarn to use from the attic and crocheted a first test to determine which crochet hook I was going to use and how I was going to translate all this into the correct dimensions.

And then I fell silent again.
I really have a problem following through with stuff like that, lol. I am always super enthusiastic during the planning phase and the selection (and often buying) of the yarn. But then my enthusiasm wanes. I don’t really understand how my brain works for this.

Anyway, after the initial enthusiasm in two phases, little else happened for this idea for 3 to 4 months, despite the fact that in my mind I wanted to have this project finished before the summer.
However, I have been working on it again for a few weeks now and have crocheted almost all the granny squares up to and including the last colour round. So I can start crocheting together with white and for this I want to try something that I have been wanting to try for a while: the continuous join-as-you-go!

For my 2022 genre blanket, for which I made my December update a while ago, I’m still in doubt about the finishing. Do I mark the project as DONE, or am I still going to crochet a border around it?
If I haven’t made a decision about this before the end of 2023, then I’m just going to leave it as it is, because otherwise I see it being put on the back burner indefinitely!

Somewhere in August I saw an idea on Ravelry, which immediately made my fingers itch. Here too I was able to find the yarn in my stash and in the meantime phase 1 of the project is almost finished!

And that’s all of the currently active projects.
There are other UFOs lying around the house, but none that I am currently working on.

What are you currently working on?


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