Granny Square Vest

Finally! FI.NAL.LY!
There’s nothing like gift giving season to make me jump into action and finish projects I’ve been working on for too long!

The story of this vest started in the early spring of 2023, when I spotted this model in the Terre Bleue window. I immediately felt the urge to start crocheting again and I started planning diligently.
I always enjoy planning projects, usually in Excel, with the necessary calculations and measurements. Next comes choosing a suitable yarn, which I wanted to limit to stash yarn for this.
But as is often the case with me, things come to a standstill after the initial planning phase. I really struggle to start projects effectively and it’s hard to pinpoint why. Is it because handmade garments still come with a factor of uncertainty?

The fact is that for this vest it took about six months between seeing and planning the model and actually starting to work on it seriously. Then I suddenly had crocheted and finished the 50 required granny squares in less than a month.

Thanks to the fantastic continuous join-as-you-go-method, I managed to put everything together only a week later.
But then I dawdled far too long for the finishing with knitted edges. All my doubts and insecurities often get in the way of completing things. While this is contradictory, since I cannot know what I should do it or how it will look like if I don’t get on with it! Yeah, tough when you’re your own worst enemy, lol.

Luckily there is such a thing as Christmas, where I like to gift handmade items. This ensures that my procrastination is eliminated and I end up in a kind of creative making frenzy! So now I can finally say: TA-DAAAAAAA

Cool, right!
I am really pleased with the result. I really like the colours, which is extra impressive, considering I didn’t buy them specifically, but found them in my stash.
Really, a very cool project to make, perhaps worth repeating?



  • Karen Boutelle

    I love this! Is there a written pattern. I know how to crochet the squares but would like to see how they are joined and the edging.
    Also sizes for young adults and adults.


    • Charlotte

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you! 😀
      I have no written pattern for this. I mostly just winged it. The only thing I planned was the colours and order of the squares.
      If you know how to crochet the squares, I think you can recreate the vest by looking at my pictures above.
      Good luck and have fun!

  • mc

    What is the size of the squares used? Also – Worsted weight?
    Just love how you ‘winged’ it, a perfect match!

    • Charlotte

      Thank you so much!

      My squares were around 8cm.
      We don’t use that terminology for yarn, but according to Ravelry, the cotton I used falls under the “Sports” category.

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