In my posts about my projects on the go, I regularly talked about a knitting project that I didn’t want to reveal too much about yet. But now I’m going to reveal everything!

Based on the photos I shared, you could probably deduce that I had knitted two green sweaters.
The (free) pattern I used for this is Flax by Tin Can Knits, a fairly simple raglan sweater with an interesting detail in the sleeve.
However, I wanted to make it even more interesting by embroidering a figure on it afterwards!

For this I used the dinosaur diagrams from Yarn Visions and the duplicate stitch with which you copy the knitting stitch exactly and it looks as if you have knitted in the figure.

And tada! These are my two dino sweaters! One with a bronotsaurus and one with a triceratops!

This was a really fun project to make. Quite simple, but with a great result!


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