Day of the week sweater vest

A while ago I showed that I had let myself go again and, despite the fact that I can almost start a shop at home, I had still bought a load of new skeins of yarn.
I also let you know that I had a very specific plan in mind for one third of the skeins, for which I had already started calculating and counting.

My plan involved the two balls of white and two balls of black yarn.
I had watched the Netflix-series Wednesday with my goddaughter, and seeing that sweater vest immediately put my knitting radar on alert. And when I saw the shops displaying so many skeins of white and black yarn, it seemed like a sign that I had to actually do something about it.

As mentioned, my original plan was to figure out the pattern myself. Didn’t seem that difficult to me, just quite a bit of math and counting.
But when Googling for close-up photos of the vest, I saw that quite a few people had already posted their patterns online. Well, why would I do all the counting again?

I made a gauge swatch to calculate my stitch count and figured out that I could use this pattern by Jenny Kiefer to make my own sweater vest.

It had been a while since I knitted with multiple colours.
The difficult part here is on the one hand to ensure that you don’t get holes where you change colours and on the other hand not to get completely frustrated by tangled threads.
For the latter I found this nifty trick, where you turn the needle away from you on one row and towards you for the next row!

Very early on, after I bought the yarn, my plan was to finish the vest for my goddaughter’s Christmas present. But once again I had started it way too late, so I had already abandoned this plan in my head.
Now this actually turned out to be a very quick knit and when I only had the neck and sleeve edges to knit with two days left before Christmas, I didn’t want to give in and just HAD to finish it for Christmas!

A huge help in knitting this one was my new neck lamp.
I bought it online a few days after I bought my yarn, because I absolutely hate working with black yarn. You can’t see anything at all and it just gives you a headache. But I saw a lot of tips online about such a neck lamp, so I wanted to try it out too.
And yes, I am a fan, not only for black yarns, but in general for crafting when it gets dark very early!

And tada! Here she is! The Wednesday sweater vest!
I ended up knitting the last stitch around midnight on December 23rd, lol. I was even able to give it a quick wash and lay it flat to dry, so that I could put it in a present on the afternoon of December 24!

A very cool knit, too.
From the start I was quite curious how the two-coloured neckline should be worked, which turned out to be both quite simple and ingenious!
There were a few errors in the pattern, but nothing too severe. So I would recommend it if you want to make a similar vest šŸ™‚


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