On the go #11

My making frenzy seems to have subsided somewhat last month, but I am very happy that I still regularly knit, crochet and sew!
I worked on two ongoing projects, completed a request and started a new project.

I haven’t continued with the embroidery/hat project from the last updated unfortunately. It will probably take me some time to work up the courage to actually start embroidering, lol.
Further knitting on hats has also come to a standstill at the moment, because I currently prefer working on my other ongoing knitting project.

The cropped sweater is growing slowly but steadily.
The body of the sweater has now been finished, including the colour change to darker purple with a scallop effect. While I was knitting it, I wasn’t really convinced it looked good, but I’m glad I just continued on knitting anyway, because in the end I think it looks quite nice like this!

Despite the fact that I skipped a couple of sewing lessons in recent weeks, my jacket is still making good progress.
Last lesson I temporarily sewed the entire piece together by hand, so that I could try it on before everything was sewn together perminantly. It turned out that the piece was a bit too tight at the hips and we ultimately decided to make nips in the back.
The jacket I use as inspiration is a fairly blocky model, but when trying it on it turned out not to be very flattering on me. With nips it follows the shape of my back a little more, making it look even more fitting.
These changes were incorporated into the paper pattern first, then I took over with sewn markings on the fabric. Next lesson I can probably start sewing for real!

In between, I also shortened a pair of trousers for a friend’s mom.
Although I know how to do this in theory, I had never done it in practice. I had previously shortened a pair of trousers by turning the fabric over (increasing the hem), so the adjustment was reversible. This time I actually had to cut into the legs, which is always frightening, especially when it concerns a piece of clothing that is not mine!
It also became extra frightening for a while, because both the overlock and sewing machine had problems with the fabric, but all’s well that ends well!

Finally, I started a new crochet project!
I’m making another baby blanket, using a pattern from Daisy Farms Craft.
For the accent colours I chose a rust colour, a mint green and a dark blue-green colour that fits nicely with the mint green and contrasts nicely with the rust colour.
I already crocheted the first row of blocks. The pattern recommends carrying the alternating colour each time you crochet, so that you don’t have to keep cutting your yarn and weave in ends. As a result, a little bit of the contrasting colour always shines through in the blocks. This is not so noticeable in this first row of white and gray, but I’m curious to see what I will think about that when I’m working with the accent colours

And that’s it for this month!
Which project are you most curious to see the end result off?


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