Hat experiment

In my last On the go post, I talked about finding a hat project that I started over a year ago, but had completely forgotten about.

At the time I was busy playing with my new (I really need to get back to that again soon) and I had made the base for a hat for myself, with colours matching my winter coat.
However, instead of just finishing the beanie as is, I had the idea to try and emulate the plaid fabric of my coat, by using the duplicate stitch, but I abandonded the project just after casting off from the knitting machine.

It’s a bit of a shame to leave it like this without knowing whether it’s something worth repeating or not, so when I found it again a few weeks ago, I was determined to finish it completely.

I started by placing stitch markers to mark the location for the vertical lines and started sewing.
Now, sewing that imitation stitch is not that difficult, but not very pleasant for my shoulders. When I used the duplicate stitch to create the dinosaurs on the sweater of my godson, I found this a lot more fun to do, because you can see the drawing appear. Sewing vertical lines like this is actually quite boring.

While sewing I also had doubts about whether I liked the look or not, but I persevered.

Now that it’s finished, I don’t know if I’m convinced or not.
I’m not really in love with the end result, but I can’t figure out if it’s because I didn’t choose my colours and line placement correctly or because I don’t really like the technique in the end.

What do you think?


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