On the go #8

Slowly, a little too slowly for my liking, autumn is creeping into the land. Not so much the weather, but rather the shops radiate this. The mannequins are given warmer autumn fashion, coziness with candles and plaids is promoted and, for those stores that sell them, more and more woolen items are becoming available.

I always enjoy looking at the new skeins, but it’s also dangerous, since I can rarely restrain myself from buying anything.
The first few times I saw the new collections in the stores, I restrained myself very well. Except for photos, I walked out of the stores empty-handed. Although I am itching to knit and crochet again, for all the plans I was working on, the yarn I already had was enough. But then the sirens got to me.

One third of the skeins of my purchase is based on pure greed. I loved the colour so much and there were only 4 skeins left of it othat I just couldn’t pass them up.
For another third I have a vague plan of what I want to make, but I still have to make it concrete.
For the last third I have a very specific plan, which I have already started calculating and drawing out, and which I plan to start once I have completed at least one other crochet or knitting project I have going.

Speaking of those other projects, work on the vest is progressing very well! Fantastically well even.
In the meantime I have joined all the squares together in the correct configuration, using the continuous join-as-you-go, which is a fantastic invention! For help I used this YouTube video from Hooked by Robin.

The tutorial in the YouTube video is for using the technique for a regular two-dimensional blanket, but with a bit of adjustment and working in stages, the same technique came in fantastically handy when crocheting the vest together with minimal ends to weave in.

Now I’m struggling a bit with procrastination for the next phase of the vest, which is knitting the hem, neck and armholes.

For my ongoing knitting project, which I was vague about last time and will continue to be vague about now, I’m done with phase 1.
But, there is a but, I’m starting to have doubts about the sizing. Because I still have enough yarn left, I started phase 1 again, but bigger. I plan to also make phase 2 for both knitting projects. If one turns out to be too small, I have a spare. If this is not the case, it can be enjoyed for longer!

Otherwise sewing class has started again.
For the first few lessons we focused on drawing the pattern for a jacket, but because I haven’t yet found fabric that inspires me to actually make the pattern, I’m focusing on getting rid of some fabric scraps for the time being.

And that’s all for now 🙂

What are you currently working on?


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