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Every little girl wants to be queen Elsa

The plan to systematically translate my Flemish (=Dutch) posts in English has lost a bit of its wind, since I’ve been omitting so much translations. My last translation dates as far back as October 2015, while I have been posting fairly regularly in Dutch. I think this is partly because I don’t know how much Lees meer »

Made another security blanket

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I? These last two weeks were a bit *meh*. I had to briefly go to Finland again for work and once I got back I wasn’t feeling 100%. But I never feel sick enough to justify to myself to stay home and I also don’t easily go to Lees meer »

Gus the knight

One of my colleagues became mom to a little boy named Gus last November. The announcement featured this tough-looking knight. So when I got to test a pattern for a knight doll for Annelies from Vicarno , I already knew to whom I was going to give my knight. I’ve finished my doll a while Lees meer »

That time I tried to make roses from clay

A while back I said that I was totally intrigued by the beautiful things people could make out of clay and that I also wanted to try it out. And recently in the shops I saw a packet of air-dry modelling clay for a ridicoulisly low price, so yeah, why not give it a try? Lees meer »

Moana ta-dah!

Finished! The knit dress in Catania is finished! As I mentioned before, the dress turned out a little smaller than I had hoped. The chest size is only 57cm, while I had hoped for 61cm. Therefore I also compensated in the length and knit to 51cm. You can see a couple of sloppy areas, especially Lees meer »

Almost two years later

In a previous message I mentioned I was thinking about starting a new crochet project, but instead I picked up an old unfinished project! This bolero was started over 2 years ago from a free pattern found through Ravelry. It’s made from 10 squares, which I finished and assembled on the go. And then I Lees meer »

Janne’s ripple blanket: Ta-dah!

I’ve finished it for a while now, but I wanted to wait to show it here until I had given it to its recipient. I made this ripple as a special request by my god-daughter and Sunday I gave it to her on her birthday party. I can’t believe she’s 5 already! I had been Lees meer »

Dolphin madness

This fall break, my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go to London for the weekend. That’s not easy with two small children, so I agreed to stay in Belgium with my god-daughter. The baby went to London too as she still needed to be breastfed ;). Staying indoors with a two-year-old for a whole Lees meer »

Princess dress

The second Christmas present that I finished was the gift for my littlest niece, Emma. Emma also was the lucky recipient of the rainbow hearts-blanket, but for this gift I wanted to make something wearable: a dress. On Ravelry my eye fell on this project by Gabeycakes. And the best bit was that the pattern Lees meer »

The First Christmas present

My first hand-made gift this Christmas that exchanged owners was the one I made for my godmother (aka meetje). A long while ago I had purchased the yarn for the project I wanted to make for her. The yarn was Drops Fabel in the colour 677 green/turquoise. The plan was to make a shawl out Lees meer »