BEElated Birthday present

A while ago, YouTube recommended watching Complicated Knots‘ channel.
Sh’s an Australian crocheter, mainly specialized in amigurumi.

I followed YouTube’s recommendation and quickly became addicted to her beautifully conceived and executed videos. She really makes incredibly nice things in a very intuitive way. I also quickly became jealous of her ability to effortlessly transform an idea into a crochet pattern. Highly recommended!

One of her oldest videos is one where she does an experiment with one of her own patterns: a bumblebee and as soon as I saw that version, I itched to make a bee like that. I really think this is one of the most beautiful bee patterns I have ever come across, realistic while also remaining cute.

Now, by now you already know me. If I don’t have a specific reason to make something, other than that I would like to have it or make it, then it gets put on the back burner quite quickly. To avoid this for this pattern, I decided that I wanted to make this for the birthday of a colleague who’s totally into bees.
Unfortunately, I was seriously ill the weekend before her birthday, so I was still late, but a week later I was able to deliver this BEElated gift to her!

This was a lot of fun to make and actually not that difficult for the semi-experienced crocheter! The hardest part for me was getting the legs sewn into place in the right position!
Highly recommended!


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