Crochet doll for E

It was my youngest godchild E’s birthday and I was a bit uninspired about what to give as a gift.
The boy loves cars and dinosaurs and I have been inspired by this fact several times when I was looking for a gift, but in the end you can only give so many cars and dinosaurs.
And then I thought: why not make E’s doll counterpart? I had done this for his sisters, but why not for a boy too?

I started with my standard doll pattern and first experimented with making it a bit more boyish. In the end I decided against it and just crocheted like I did with all my other dolls.

What I did change was the waist, which I made less indented and simply left traight. I also made the neck a lot longer than usual, so that it fits deeper and hopefully more firmly in the head.

Hair is also always something that takes a lot of time. That is what makes the doll mainly recognizable as a mini copy of the recipient, so it always takes some experimenting and figuring out how to do this. Here this was no different, but I couldn’t be happier with the result! Ultimately, it was the decision to also give the doll ears that made the puzzle click together!

I had way too many ideas for clothes, but dungarees definitely had to be included! And because E’s favourite colour is yellow, he got a yellow T-shirt with it.

I was also obsessed with trying to make a doll version of the dinosaur sweaters I knitted for Christmas.
First I made a green version of the yellow crochet T-shirt, but with long sleeves. But then I thought: “I should be able to knit this too, right?”
It took longer than I thought to produce what I had in mind and although it’s not quite perfect yet, I think it turned out extremely well! And the reference was immediately recognized, so yay!

Finally, I wanted to make a knight version at all costs! Since I previously crocheted a dragon for E, I thought the idea of a knight doll was appropriate!
For that wardrobe I got a lot of inspiration from the pattern by Annelies Baes, which I made a long time ago as a maternity gift for a colleague.

I had more ideas for clothes, but I ran out of time. Maybe an idea for a next birthday or occasion 😉
In any case, I had a lot of fun thinking up and crocheting all this together. And godson E was also enthusiastic, so win-win-win!!


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