Reading journal July 2023

A while ago I bought some sticker sheets with a constellation theme. I really liked the colours and the figures were cute, so I wanted to use it in a reading journal theme. And in July I did just that!

The heavenly theme really came together when I found this beautiful picture on Pinterest. Unfortunately it doesn’t say who made it and it seems to be implied that it was made by an AI?
Anyway, with this image and my stickers, some matching papers and a font with the very appropriate name Celestial, the title page came together nicely.

You could already read about my wishy-washy July reading month, which is why I procrastinated a bit with filling out my reading journal, making me running behind still.

Choosing a favourite was less difficult, since I only read two books in the running for that title. Eventually I chose the book NOT by Brandon Sanderson, which also got the highest score in my version of the CAWPILE rating system: The Hunger of the Gods by John Gwynne. This series is recommended for those who love fantasy and Norse mythology, and are not afraid of some blood and cruelty!

I had to be a bit more creative this month for my individual reviews per book read.
On the one hand, I had several books that I didn’t have too much to say about and therefore thought it would be a shame to give them a full page in my reading journal, especially since my journal is already getting quite full and I’m not sure that I will have enough space for the rest of 2023. I therefore grouped the three books by the same author and series on one page, with some glued in flip-outs to make enough space.
On the other hand, there was also a Patreon event that I wanted to include in my reading journal, without taking up an extra two pages. That’s why I decided to do it via a tip in with extra dotted paper in a very white color. Because of this I also created two extra pages for the reviews.
Because of this I managed to take up only 6 pages for the reviews for the 9 books read, plus two extra pages for the memory of the Patreon assignment!


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