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Genre blanket 2022: December

Yes! It’s finally done! The last stripes of my genre blanket have been crocheted!! I am so happy with the result!

In December I read 9 more books across 5 different genres. This time I also read the same genre twice in a row, so that the blanket got two same coloured stripes one after the other.

December genres
1. Mystery
2. Romance
3. YA Fantasy
4. Adult Fantasy
5. YA Fantasy
6. YA Fantasy
7. Mystery
8. Thriller
9. YA Fantasy

This brings the total to 114 stripes, one for each of the 114 books I read in 2022!
The width of the blanket is as planned around 120 cm. The length is now about 188 cm!

After the very last coloured stripe, I crocheted one last gray base stripe, but just like in the beginning of the blanket, I filled in the waves, so that I got a straight edge. This way, my blanket only has straight sides, despite its wave pattern!

And now I’m still in doubt whether I’m going to crochet a border or not.
On the one hand, I think the blanket looks nice as it is and it is also more than big enough without needing a border.

On the other hand, you really see irregularities on the sides, which gives it a bit of an unfinished character. The blanket also pulls slightly crooked, which may be less pronounced with a border. So yeah, I’m going to let it simmer for a while. Suggestions and ideas are certainly welcome! 😉


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