The First Christmas present

My first hand-made gift this Christmas that exchanged owners was the one I made for my godmother (aka meetje).

A long while ago I had purchased the yarn for the project I wanted to make for her. The yarn was Drops Fabel in the colour 677 green/turquoise.

Colours: 674 heather, 672 bourgogne , 904 lavender, 677 green/turquoise
SBSM - 001

The plan was to make a shawl out of three skeins of this yarn. A lot of thought went into the search of the perfect pattern and eventually I settled for the South Bay Shawlette by Lionbrand.

SBSM - 002

The picture above is the picture that Lionbrand added to the pattern, but this picture is not what made me choose this pattern. Honestly, the shawl here is not attractive at all, in my opinion. But Ravelry is an amazing source and there I found hundreds of projects made from this pattern and some of them look absolutely stunning. Amongst those there were also a couple of examples by one of my favourite shawl-makers on Ravelry, fanalaine. Just look at these beauties.

Fanalaine 's Blue Moon Shawl    Fanalaine's Sanguine
fanalaine's Symphonie Verdache

Gorgeous, right?
So I was going to make a South Bay Shawlette!

SBSM - 006b

The pattern was really fun to make and not difficult at all! Very quickly I memorized it and before I knew it my three skeins of variegated yarn turned into a beautiful shawl.

SBSM - 005b    SBSM - 008b

Unfortunatly I’m not the best photographer, so you’ll have to take my word on it when I say that the shawl looks so much more beautiful in real life!

SBSM - 003b

My godmother was really happy to receive this gift. She couldn’t believe that I had made it myself, that I could manage such a complicated pattern. I left her in her beliefs on the difficulty. It’s a bit of a minimization of once work when you proclaim it was really easy and you made it to relax in front of the tv 😉

SBSM - 004b

The details
Pattern: South Bay Shawlette
Yarn: Drops Fabel
Colour: 677 green/turquoise
Hook: 4mm
Repeats: 44 rows instead of 28, like the pattern
Quantity of yarn: Exactly 3 skeins

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