Princess dress

The second Christmas present that I finished was the gift for my littlest niece E. She also was the lucky recipient of the rainbow hearts-blanket, but for this gift I wanted to make something wearable: a dress.

On Ravelry my eye fell on this project by Gabeycakes.

KvE - 000

And the best bit was that the pattern for this dress turned out to be free: Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser.

However, before I start a pattern I have the habit to first read it to get an idea of how it works. That’s when I found out that a pinafore isn’t really a dress, but more an apron.
Too bad, as I really wanted a dress. But no worries, I saw it wouldn’t be too difficult to change the pattern to create a real dress.

I grabbed my chosen yarn (Bergère de France Sport, colour Rosier), a couple of crochet hooks and got to business.
A few hours later, I kid you not, this appeared from my crochet needle.

KvE - 002
KvE - 003

W00t, I was so happy! Doesn’t this look incredibly cute? And the changes I made worked really well! The pinafore was successfully changed into a dress!

KvE - 006

The only opening that was left was completely at the top, in the neck. This way the dress could easily pass over the head.

KvE - 008    KvE - 007

And E’s parents? They immediately put the dress on her.
Mission accomplished! 😀


De details
Pattern: Angel Wings Pinafore with changes
Yarn: Bergère de France Sport
Colour: Rosier
Hook: 7mm
Amount of yarn: Exactly 3 skeins
Make your own?: See here

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