Christmas 2012

Kerstmis 2012b

Hello all!

Finally I managed to dive into the pictures I made of all the Christmas present that rolled of my crochet hook this year. So a couple of blog posts are on their way 🙂

In the picture above you can already see how I wrapped all my presents, with the exception from the present wrapped in the shop (the blank one on the left).
I wrapped most presents with plain brown paper en decorated them with red accents, like ribbons, rice paper, napkin flowers, paper doilies and kitchen cord in red and white. The labels were made with a pinch from cheap Christmas cards.
Not all of these presents contained hand-made gifts, but more to follow about those later!


One Comment

  • ayaka


    I like the color combination of brown & red.
    (CHAIRO to AKA no KUMIAWASE ga SUKI desu)

    I had read the your comment on my blog.
    Your Japanese is good!
    I’m happy to hear that you are learning Japanese.

    Also I am try to learning English.

    Keep learning each other!