Going overboard

I’m already planning my Christmas presents. A bit early perhaps, but the earlier the better I think. Especially with my erratic hooking abilities 😉
Anyway, no better excuse than to splurge on yarn than planned presents. So I bought some yarn last week. A LOT of yarn…

On August 30th my first order was a fact.
I have a very special project in mind for a very special someone, about which I’ll be very mysterious. For this very special project I needed a particular colour and this colour was spotted in the popular Stylecraft Special DK.
Oké, perhaps it was wish-fulfilment of me to find this particular shade in this yarn, as I have been trying for ages to find a good excuse to try out the Stylecraft. And because buying only 3 skeins of one colour didn’t seem proportional to the shipping costs I had to pay, I of course splurged on a whole lot more colours. Twenty to be exact. Of course I bought all this from Deramores.
Only a small week later I got my hands on this:

These colours are just wow. Absolutely gorgeous!
And I’ve heard so many times that this yarn is so squishy soft, but I hadn’t expected this kind of huggable softness. I think I’m in love 😉

Colours: Shrimp, Raspberry, Plum, Grape, Emperor
Claret, Cream, Camel, Mocha, Spring Green

Colours: Denim, Aster, Turkuoise, Teal, Meadow,
Sunshine, Saffron, Apricot, Clematis, Bright Pink

Now it’s only a matter of how it feels when it’s worked, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be wonderful 😉 . I see more orders in my future 😆

And then followed two more orders on September 2nd. One from Dolce Lana and one from Bergère de France. These orders also arrived on my doorstep within one week! I can tell you, I’ve had some amazing week, yarn-wise 😆

Dolce Lana is the Belgian Drops distributor.
For a couple of special projects my eye fell on the Drops Fabel variegated yarns. I have never worked with this yarn before and have read some contradicting reviews, but I decided to take a chance anyway. In the end you need to see for yourself if a yarn suits your needs, right?
I ordered carefully *ahum*, only 4 colours

Colours: 674 heather, 672 bourgogne , 904 lavender, 677 green/turquoise

Three skeins each of only 4 colours, to be clear

I had bought some Fabel before, but to my shame I had completely forgotten about it :blush: . Now I started working with this Fabel to get an idea of the overal feel. So far, I think the Fabel will be perfect for my plans! 😀

And then, last but not least, the Bergère de France.
I’m subscribed to their newsletter and on August 28th I received the news that they would, in honour of the new schoolyear, give 25% discount on your favourite yarn. Of course I could not ignore this, so for my Christmas present list I searched for a present that would absolutely require some Bergère the France. My eye fell on the BdF Sport for the project I had in mind. This is how a couple of chosen colours wounded up in my shopping cart.

Colours: Rosier, Corrida, Blue Acier, Tatou, Pimpernelle
Armoise, Cagou, Jade, Naturel

But I have also heard a lot of good thing about Idéal and as I would be paying the shipping costs anyway, well, I decided it was I good time to try out this brand as well.

Colours: Myostis, Marinier, Citronier, Cyclamen, Fougère,
Brouilly, Hortensia, Banane, Olivine, Vitamine,
Eléphant, Orque, Chenas, Meije

When I look at all the above photo’s, I’m a little bit ashamed, lol. I really went overboard on this, but not withstanding I am very, very pleased with my additions to my stash. 😀

Now it’s just a matter of converting all my plans to real items! I have some serious work ahead, but I’m always happy to work like this 😉 !!

Have a nice Sunday!



  • Bethany

    Oh, Charlotte, those are gorgeous! I saw your post this morning as I was getting ready to finish my Christmas gift planning spreadsheet. If you’re too early to start, I am too 🙂 You’ve chosen lovely colors! What patterns are you working??

    • Charlotte

      Ooh, you have a planning spreadsheet?? How does it look like? Do you actually plan what gifts to work on which day? Or how do you plan it?

      I’d love to tell what I’m working on, but I have some curious eyes reading along, so I don’t really want to spoil the gifts 😉 . I already gave away the yarn 😀
      BUT I’m planning to blog about my crochet process while I’m working on them and I’ll publish my posts after all gifts are given. That way I still have a reference of my Christmas gifts for future, but don’t spoil the recipients on beforehand ^_^

      • Bethany

        Haha, curious eyes reading along are not a bad problem to have. I know how that goes, though. I have to be very careful with my Pinterest account. I haven’t finished the scheduling bit yet, but I always start with a list of everyone I’ll need to have a gift for. I add three columns: one for a big handmade gift (as if I’ll actually have time for all that), one for a smaller handmade gift, and one for a storebought gift. Ideally I’d give everyone a big handmade gift. But usually it’s a mix of all three. I use my spreadsheet to organize links to all of the projects I want to do. I’ll schedule later!