What about the Fairyloot Adult books?

In May 2023, I posted my 11th post about my subscription to the Fairyloot Adult Fantasy Book-Only subscription.
I only posted about this subscription when I had actually read the book in question and thus combined the unboxing with my review. I was a little behind on reading the received books, but all in all I managed to systematically read those books quite quickly after receiving them.
That was until the February 2023 book ruined my resolution.

The Fairyloot Adult Fantasy Book-Only subscription began in March 2022 and between that date and February 2023 I had received 11 books, one for each month, all of which I read and reviewed.
(in order of receipt & photo above: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

However, the book for February 2023, which would not be delivered until March, caused problems with customs.
Yep, the crooks suddenly wanted to make me pay a lot of extra tax, on top of their own rate for the fact that they had to stop my box. Because I was very sure that this charge was unjustified, I consulted Fairyloot, who confirmed that this should not happen and would investigate it further.

Long story short, apparently there was an error by the company that packed the boxes, where a certain number was not printed correctly or completely on the sticker. The solution was that I had to refuse the package, so it was sent back to Fairyloot. Once it got there, they would send it back to me, this time with the completed information. Unfortunately, the package turned out to have been lost somewhere on the way back to England. Eventually, I finally received a replacement copy in JULY, fortunately without having to pay extra costs.

During that period of waiting for my February 2023 book (The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi) my subscription with Fairyloot continued, and so I received without issues the boxes for March ( The Foxglove King), April (In the Lives of Puppets), May (The Curse of Saints) and June (Shanghai Immortal).
Now, any normal person could reason that they would simply skip the February book and continue reading the books that were received, but my over-structured head did not allow this. Reading March’s book and writing about it before I had written about February’s book, that caused a small short circuit in my brain.

And so I continued to collect Fairyloot Adult books for the rest of 2023, 11 in total, including the books from July (Immortal Longings), August (Forged by Blood), September (Sun of Blood and Ruin), October (The Hurricane Wars), November (Sword Catcher) and December (Faebound).

An additional mental blocking preventing me from reading the February 2023 book (The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi), was the fact that it was by an author whose previous books I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time (The Daevabad Trilogy) and finding out that the new book is in some way connected to this older series, I just NEED to first read that trilogy before even thinking about reading this new addition. *sigh*
Anyway, the result is that since then I have continued to collect those Fairyloot Adult books, while I have a mental blockage that prevents me from reading them. Irritating.

To counter that, I have now decided that from this year onwards I will do regular unboxings of the Fairyloot Adult, without the additional requirement that I must first have read that book and write a review for it.
I will leave the 11 books of 2023 that have not yet appeared here on the blog as they are for the time being. Once I have read those, which is one of my reading focuses for this year, I can still decide whether or not I’ll include a showcase of the special edition.

And this is actually the reason for this message, just to say this, and in a small way to already show those 11 books that have not been unboxed here.
Canceling, skipping or pausing the subscription hasn’t crossed my mind yet, because I’m actually happy with every book I receive from them. Most of the stories appeal to me, but I sometimes think it’s a shame that they are almost always the first books in a series, which also entails a kind of extra commitment before reading them.

Anyway, you will soon get to see the Fairyloot Adult books from January and February 2024, without me being able to say yet what I thought of the story, but hopefully this will unblock my mind and allow me to actually read some of these books 😅.


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