Reading journal May 2023

Yes, if I’m a little behind with onething, then it’s easy to fall behind with something else, such as my reading journal. Although I did finish my title page in time for May, writing the reviews took a bit longer than usual, mainly because I wasn’t really super enthusiastic about a number of the books read.

But the title page came about quite smoothly.
I let myself be guided by a number of selected pictures from Pinterest, pictures with forget-me-nots, books and, if possible, the combination of the two. Pinterest also inspired me for the font, which I really liked and was above all not too difficult to recreate. All this combined with some papers and matching stickers give a result that is one of my favorite themes so far!

The next spread is, as always, my list of books read, statistics and chosen favorite. The latter was the book that I actually rated the highest throughout the month.

And to round it off, the individual reviews.

As mentioned, the month of May has become one of my favorites in my reading journal this year, even though the books were not much to write home about. I really like the combination of blue and orange and I think it fits well with May too!


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