Reading journal July 2022

For my July reading journal, I wanted to showcase a couple of photo’s from my recent holidy to Norway.
Since last months theme was also a non-bookish theme, I did not feel impeded to continue also this month with a non-bookish one.
I picked my photos, but then had to pauze and think a while on how I could incorporate them into a theme.

Eventually, like always, everything fell into place after browsing through my supplies. I had a craft paper block with all light grey and blueish woodwork patterns, which gave me the idea to go for a seaside/beachy/nautical theme.

It took some trial and error to find the right combination of colours, textures and accents, but I really like how it turned out in the end.
It’s always so satisfying how sometimes unlikely elements all come together quite nicely.

The layout for the next spread with my books read and monthly statistics remained unchanged, but for the theme and colours.

My favorite book of the month for July was hands down Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky, of which I also used a quote to fill in the empty space on the left.

The pages for the individual reviews follow the same colour palette, of course, but the layout is the same I’ve been using since the beginning of this journal. Here I especially like the little, wavy divider between the general info and my thoughts, with the small drawn paper boat 😀
What do you think?