Work in Progress

Genre blanket: May

After the profilic reading month of April, May became a slightly more relaxed month in terms of books read. In total I finished five books, all in a different genre, meaning that I could add another five different colours to my genre blanket!

Mei genres
1. Adult Fantasy
2. Mystery
3. YA Fantasy
4. Horror
5. Romance

Recently I got a comment that the stripes on this blanket seemed planned, even if this is not the case at all. I read a lot of different genres anyway and like to switch between them.
Why I think anyone would think this was planned after all, is because of the two dark colours (dark blue for historical romance and dark purple for horror) that come back with almsot exactly the same regularity, between the otherwise fairly light, pastel-like colours.

These are both genres I like to read, but not too much and not one after the other, which is not really the case for the other genres I read.
Historical romance (and actually romance in general) I usually read as a kind of palette cleanser, when I want to read something where I don’t have to pay too much attention to details.
Horror is more like something I read when the mood strikes and because I’m basically a big woose at my core, that mood only strikes once in a while.

The fact that I gave these two sporadic genres a very striking colour in the whole, I think is a very lucky coincidence, because I really like the effect!

Meanwhile, the counter is at 48 stripes over the 11 selected colours or genres.

So incredibly happy with how this looks!