Work in Progress

Genre blanket: April

April was a very prolific reading month, due to the first semester of the new magical readathon by G.
Readathons always motivate me to read a lot and this was definitely the case in April, where I read a total of 16 books. This of course also meant quite a lot of crocheting for my genre blanket, for which I am now officially late. But I don’t really mind, plus, as said before, it keeps me from planning my reads too much to try and avoid colour blocks.

April genres
1. Comic
2. YA Fantasy
3. Adult Fantasy
4. Romance
5. Adult Fantasy
6. Sci-Fi
7. Adult Fantasy
8. Sci-Fi
9. Adult Fantasy
10. Mystery
11. YA Fantasy
12. Historical Romance
13. Romance
14. Mystery
15. Thriller
16. YA Fantasy

April also became the first month in 2022 that I read a Fantasy book intended for an adult audience.
Previously I tried to read an Adult Fantasy in both January and March, but these unfortunatly became DNFs! In April I finally read 4 Adult Fantasy’s, two of which were admittedly short stories. I also think it’s funny that it just happened that I alternated it with a Sci-Fi, so that I now have a nice watermelon-like section of green-pink-green-pink in my blanket.

My blanket now counts 43 colour stripes for the 43 books read between January and April.

Doesn’t it look nice? I’m looking forward to see what the crochet stripes for May and June will do for the whole 🙂