May reading journal

For my May reading journal theme, I didn’t immediately have an idea what I wanted to do. When I’m at a loss, I usually take to scrolling through pinterest and instagram for inspiration. That’s how I came across this spread from Creachick, which got my creative juices flowing.

Once I kind of had my desired color palette in mind, everything else followed quite organically.
I found some pretty bookish photos on Pinterest, found some matching papers, washi tapes and stickers from my stash and after some trial-and-error on the placement of the various elements I came up with a title page that I actually think is wonderful. You can see my inspiration to the Creachick spread, without it becoming an outright copy.

The calendar and TBR spread then automatically followed from this.

My next spread with my list of read books of the month, monthly statistics and favorite book of the month than also followed from that, using the same papers and colour scheme established.

It will come as no surprise that the only Brandon Sanderson book I read in May also immediately became a favorite. While the sequel to The Diviners by Libba Bray was also fantastic, The Way of Kings is of such epic awe-inspiring grandeur that the world and characters occupy me most of all. That’s why I decided to fill the empty space under the list of read books with some Kaladin fanart, a beautiful piece by soyabeansoldier on Deviantart.

And the spreads of the individual books remain of course in the same style, without too many frills.

So you see, how an uninspired moment can still give a nice result 🙂