Snow White Catalina

For her birthday my goddaughter would have liked a dress like Snow White and I of course was happy to make something along those lines.

On Instagram I follow a couple of costume makers and cosplayers, because I’m in real awe about the things they often make. It makes me also want to try my hand at a historical sewing project, especially also since I visited Elftopia last year and loved looking at all the costumes. I’m not so much interested in dressing up myself, but I’m very intrigued about the construction process. However, I hardly know where to start and even if, I remain somewhat apprehensive about my sewing skills, which I still tend to classify as “beginner”. Being a perfectionist is not easy when wanting to learn something new, I hardly dare to start something before I have already mapped out the process from beginning to end. Luckily I have gotten somewhat better at letting go and jumping into things, because I more often than not manage to have a decent end result even if something went bad.

But back to Snow White.
For a girl’s dress, I did not immediately have to start thinking about boning corsets or waist shaping. So a perfect project to start experimenting for the first time with shapes and patterns that were not immediately intended for exactly such a dress.
I quickly had an idea of what I actually wanted to make and even found a very fitting dress pattern that I could use as a base. But of course, my insecurities didn’t disappear and I hesitated still if what I pictured in my head would also work out in reality. That’s why, to ease my own mind, I decided to go for a back up, by sewing up the familiar Catalina dress using Snow White’s signature colour palette.

The bodice was made in a uni coloured blue cotton, but I used red bias piping in the seam of the shoulder straps for an additional accent. For the skirt I of course used a sunny yellow cotton.


Eventually I really like this back-up version, but the actual planned Snow White dress is from another level still. But I’ll show you that next time 😉