Work in Progress

Out of sheer frustration

I’m still unsuccesful with the stipey shawl. I just can’t get the edges right. I’m done wanting perfection. I would just really like to have both sides even, I don’t even care if it still looks ugly. I’m now aiming for uniform ugliness. *cough*

But even that is out of my reach 🙁 . Out of sheer frustration, I started another knitting project. A project that has been on my list for very long, but which I thought was way out of my depth. It’s a stylish, grown-up take of the Doctor Who-scarf, called Bigger on the inside

Bigger on the inside © Amy Singer
Bigger on the inside © Amy Singer

I started knitting with very low expectations. Since even a simple knit-purl project had me stumped, there would be no way that this could end well. But, to my utter disbelieve, this daunting project, that has been waiting in my queue since 2013, seems to be an unexpected but very pleasant surprise! I feel my confidence growing again 😀

BotI 001

So, I’m affraid the stripes will disappear to the background for a while, while I enjoy my newfound knitting-mojo 😉