Charami is bilingual!

It took a while to set it up, but Charami.com is now officially bilingual, making english.charami.com obsolete!
Thanks to a super useful plugin, I can now easily write posts in two languages, while keeping the languages completely separated visually, but without the hassle of having to maintain two separate blogs. Once you have chosen the language you want to see here, only the content available in that language will be displayed for you. All other languages will be invisible for you!

To change the displayed language, just click one of the new buttons you can see in the upper right corner, just below the navigation bar.

Taal 1 - en

So if you were following english.charami.com, now is the time to make the switch to just charami.com! Following this blog is possible through different services, listed in the sidebar under ‘Subscribe.


I hope to see you here soon!


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