Once upon a time…

…there were three skeins of Alpaca.

Three beautiful, soft skeins of Alpaca, each in an even more beautiful colour.

A rust coloured skein

a blue coloured skein

and a purple coloured skein

These three skeins of Alpaca were bought a long time ago in a sale. They weren’t bought for a particular reason. No, no reason but the fact they only cost half the regular price, they had beautiful colours and were soft (oh, so soft). How would it feel like to crochet with Alpaca? Would that work or was this a yarn more suitable for knitting?

And thus, the three skeins of Alpaca travelled home with me and, like so many skeins in my house, they sat there waiting for the perfect project to come along.
It wasn’t that simple for the Alpaca, as they each had another colour that didn’t coordinate well with each other and there was only 1 skein per colour.

The years passed and the skeins of Alpaca disappeared deeper and deeper in the yarn basket. Until one beautiful day it was decided that the yarn basket needed tidying (thanks to my recent enthusiasm) and the skeins of Alpaca saw daylight again.

Yes, they saw daylight, but the problem still remained: What can be crocheted from one skein of Alpaca of 50g en 100m?
An amigurumi, yes, but to use Alpaca for that was deemed too decadent. Nono, the yarn was too soft, it needed to become something useful.
Erm, a scarf? Nope, not enough yarn.
Ah, why not gloves? Good idea! A skein of Alpaca should be enough for a pair of fingerless gloves.

To Ravelry and it’s excellent search function!

  • Craft: crochet
  • Meterage: custom: 0-100
  • Category: fingerless OR gloves OR mittens
  • age/size/fit: adult

97 results! Super!
But the enthusiasm diminished as quick as it appeared, as no pair of gloves could tempt. πŸ™ What now?

Erm, nope, not a success story either.

Back to Ravelry, but now in search of projects.
278 pages! Lord, after 20-something pages I had enough. Granted, there were some cute things in the projects, but again no click.

Hmm, maybe I should take a peak at the projects made with the same Alpaca?


© DarkHare

A pair of fingerless gloves made with the exact same blue Alpaca as one of the three. A project by Dark Hare, improvised based on a couple of patterns.

Not a straight-forward-just-follow-the-pattern project, but I was sold!

First the ribbed cuffs. Not that hard to make. Just make a chain the length of the wanted cuff and single crochet rows in the back loops only. Easy peasy.
Up to the actual glove part, based on this pattern, with necessary adjustments.
Last but not least, an embellishment. I chose for a bow. Bows make everything elegant πŸ˜‰

And done!

What do you think? Successful?

Crocheting with alpaca is a dream, btw. Very smooth with a very soft result. πŸ™‚

One skein of Alpaca down, 2 more to go!


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