Work in Progress

Hot hot hot!!

Man, it’s way too HOT here. Too hot to do anything.
Personally, I’m not good with this kind of heat (i.e. 30-35 °C). I feel so lethargic and my arms and legs weigh like lead. So there wasn’t much action around here this weekend. BUT I did make a decision about the patchwork blanket.

To be honest, I sort of already decided, after I posted the previous post, to crochet a couple more squares, to get a better view of how this would work out. Yes, the current 5 squares looked a bit disproportioned, but adding more squares might fix that.
So I just continued like I was, using two different crochet hooks. Crocheting only worked in the mornings and evenings, when the heat was bearable. During the day my hands were too clammy to work with any yarn.
Then, this morning, I crocheted the 28th square 😀

Doesn’t look too bad, doesn’t it?
Even though not all squares are the exact same size, even some of the Zeeman squares show some variations, the whole looks fairly straight and even.

As you can see, the rows only count 14 squares, instead of the calculated 17.
I keep on forgetting that crochet isn’t an exact science and that not everything can be calculated (damn!) 😉 .

Soooo, you can of course guess that this project has received a “go go go“! 😀