Kijk uit voor de stekel!

Dit is een artikel dat werd gekopieerd uit mijn oude blog. Toen schreef ik nog uitsluitend in het Engels

Life’s been busy, as per usual. Not much crocheting has transpired these last couple of weeks…

I started this ami somewhere mid-October and only just managed to finish it. It took me waaaay to long, but I’m happy I managed to finish it.


I made this scorpion for an uncle of mine. He’s a scorpio (star-sign) and asked me if I could make one. I don’t know if he was serious or not, but I made one anyway 😉
I intended to give this on his birthday, but I guess that ship has already sailed, lol…

I used a black with variegated bronze and silver from Wibra (Bianca). I love how the colour turned out. It really looks like a scorpion.

The Scorpion pattern’s by My Gurumi.
It’s not a free pattern , but in my opinion it’s worth the purchase, because I learned some new shaping-techniques with this one. Also, the instructions are very clear and very easy to follow. 🙂