Luna Lovegood sjaal

Dit is een artikel dat werd gekopieerd uit mijn oude blog. Toen schreef ik nog uitsluitend in het Engels

The Harry Potter films are a great source for knitted and crocheted items. Many of the actors wear yarn-clothing while acting and there are many patterns out there to make your own Harry Potter-items.
Below you can see the scarf Luna Lovegood wore in “The Order of the Phoenix”.


I have had the fan-made pattern for this scarf in my favourites ever since I stumbled upon it. The pictures of the items crocheted with this pattern look exactly like the scarf above.
I was waiting to find a lace-weight yarn to try my hand at this pattern, and when I found out one of the shops I buy my yarn (which usually only sells acrylics) was selling an acrylic/wool blend – Wibra Carina – I knew I had to try it out. Unfortunately, the blend is only sold in multi-coloured varieties, but I do think my scarf looks rather attractive in it’s blends of yellow and grey. 🙂


LOVE this patterns. Directions were very easy to follow and worked out perfectly! A perfect projects for beginners :D.
I only had one skein of the yarn I used (100 grams – 288 meters) and that was plenty to make this scarf. I even managed to add 2 additional rows with the same skein, by repeating row 2 an additional time on either side of the scarf. And I still had yarn to spare. If I had known I would have tried adding another row, because this scarf is very skinny. Mine only measures 11cm in width, even with the additional 2 rows.
So this scarf is not suited for the brutal, ice-cold winter, but perfect as an accessory, to wear inside or during the in-between seasons.

All in all, a quick and satisfying pattern for the Harry Potter lovers or not 😉