Athena jumper

After I had finished Janne’s Bulle, I took a break from knitting or crocheting. Not only was the summer very busy, but also extremely hot, so I did not really feel like doing anything with yarn. However, then around the end of July, my hands started itching again. That’s how I rediscovered a batch of cotton yarn I had bought a while back with a particular purpose I had now completely forgotten about. So high time to find a new purpose for it.
A little rooting around Ravelry brought this Athena jumper by Drops Design to my attention.

© Drops Design 161-9 Athena

The pattern is written for Drops Paris, which is also a 100% cotton yarn. My gauge swatch was a little off with my Zeeman Cotton, but that could easily be adapted by knitting a size smaller than what I usually make.


When I started this project, I didn’t really expect to end up with a nice, wearable sweater. I feared it would become unflattering and boxy, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m actually really happy with this new sweater in my closet. It’s perfect for a cooler summer evening or the beginning of spring or autumn 🙂

The details
Pattern: 161-9 Athena Jumper by DropsDesign
Yarn: Zeeman Cotton in colour #27
Needle: 5,0mm for the base & 5,5mm for the ribbing
My gauge: with 5,5mm: 10cm² = 15st x 25r
Size: Small
Amount of yarn: 554 gram or 818 meter
Ravelry project: Athena trui

Comet CAL #1

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the CAL for Comet the Unicorn by Projectarian. All those who purchased the pattern will now be receiving a part of the pattern every week until December 12th.

After I purchased the pattern, I started digging in my yarn stash. I refused to buy new yarn, since I have more than enough lying around that I should be able to find yarn that could do this unicorn justice.
In fact, it turned out that it wasn’t difficult to find possibilities, but rather difficult to narrow down the choices. After going back and forth for a while, I eventually decided on these colours.

The unicorn will be a very basic colour, somewhere between beige and grey.
Her eyes will be different shades of purple.
Her hair will become a mix of a variegated rainbow and fuchsia pink.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find enough time to crochet the entirety of the first instalment, but I did manage to make her ears.

It also looks like I won’t be able to follow along with the next instalments of this CAL, due to work obligations. But I will manage to make her. Just a little shame that I wont be really be participating in the CAL…

Who else is making this beauty? And what colours did you go for?


Janne’s eight birthday

It’s a bit unreal that Janne already turned eight last June. She’s growing up so fast!
Just like previous years,Janne’s birthday presents from her godmother were all handmade.

I started with a simple sewn skirt, that I made in the last sewing class of the school year.


Next I made the dress that Janne asked me to: a Bulle in duck egg blue and purple.


But my actual present was a day at the fair!
For this, I folded a box from paper, which I decorated with a little card with an explanation.


And inside that box, was a little origami carousel with 4 little horses that could spin around.


I always have such fun making her presents, especially since Janne’s reaction never disappoints 😀