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Why I couldn’t control myself this time

In my previous post I already mentioned that I had a shopping spree in a yarn shop. This was triggered by a single pattern that had been on my mind for a while now. Until last Thursday I had been able to control myself, but then I saw some other patterns that really made my Lees meer »

The ever growing list and the yarn trap

I have a lot of yarn. A whole lot of yarn. According to my stash on Ravelry I have 84719 meters lying around the house. That’s about 33 kilos. Oh dear, that’s really a lot! And still, still I never have what I need. You’re probably familiar with this issue? I have the obnoxious habbit Lees meer »

Charami is bilingual!

It took a while to set it up, but is now officially bilingual, making obsolete! Thanks to a super useful plugin, I can now easily write posts in two languages, while keeping the languages completely separated visually, but without the hassle of having to maintain two separate blogs. Once you have chosen the Lees meer »


Some of you know that in order to see my posts in English, you need to head over to this site . I have been neglecting this site for a while however, because I found it a bit tedious to maintain two separate website. Recently however I discovered a plugin which would allow me to Lees meer »

Christmas 2012

Hello all! Finally I managed to dive into the pictures I made of all the Christmas present that rolled of my crochet hook this year. So a couple of blog posts are on their way 🙂 In the picture above you can already see how I wrapped all my presents, with the exception from the Lees meer »

Going overboard

I’m already planning my Christmas presents. A bit early perhaps, but the earlier the better I think. Especially with my erratic hooking abilities 😉 Anyway, no better excuse than to splurge on yarn than planned presents. So I bought some yarn last week. A LOT of yarn… On August 30th my first order was a Lees meer »

If you can’t appreciate the small…

I’m really pleased with my latest purchase. Like a small child. Yes, this ordinary looking basket really made me happy. You can probably guess the purpose of this basket, no? Keeping together skeins of yarn, of course. The yarns I’m currently working with in particularly. Before, I always used plastic backs to keep together the Lees meer »


The summer has finally arrived in Belgium, which is why it was so quiet here ^_^ . And this night I’m leaving on vacation, so I’ll be away for a week. I’ll be responding to the incoming messages when I’m back! Cheers, Charlotte