Summer yarn question


Good morning all! Have a nice Pentecostal Monday ^_^

In reaction to my previous post, Myriam asked me if Catania cotton is well suited to make summery clothes with. I had always assumed it is. It can’t only be meant for amigurumi, right? But due to another reaction, by Marianne, I’m starting to have doubts. Marianne asked if clothing made with 100% cotton wouldn’t be too heavy. :huh: Weeeeell, to be honest, I never even considered that. Another thing to add to my undecided mind: Will a dress of 300g be too heavy for a child? No idea.

So dear people, I have two questions for you:

  1. Will a childs dress in Catania cotton be too heavy?
  2. What’s your favourite yarn to make summer items with?