Book unhaul #3

In 2024 I want to make a bigger effort to to find books that I no longer care about a new home. At the end of 2023 I already made a first move by unhauling a set to a little free library and earlier this year I tried out Vinted for the first time.

In the meantime, it hasn’t been a great success on Vinted, with only one sale, so I may have to consider adjusting my prices.
Still, I am won over by the idea of it. It’s quite easy to use and requires less effort than I expected. That’s why I’ve decided to regularly put a batch of books on Vinted.

The theme of this unhaul is duplicate books and books for which I received a replacement copy due to damage!

Chambers, Becky – The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet

This is a brand new paperback that I bought a few years ago.
Like all books I buy, I have every intention of reading this one, but sometimes it takes a lot of time, lol. Meanwhile, Illumicrate did a set of special editions for the series this book is part of, which I couldn’t resist. We’ll ignore the fact that I still haven’t read the books ๐Ÿ˜‰
Since I now own these special editions, I find it unnecessary to hold on to this paperback of book 1.

Villoso, K.S. – The Ikessar Falcon

This book came as part of my second series in my The Broken Binding subscription. It’s the second book of the “Chronicles of the Wolf Queen” series.
When unpacking this book I noticed that there was a small scratch through the drawing on the book block. A bit sad, but I didn’t initially intend to complain about that. But then I discovered while leafing through the book, that some of the pages were coming loose from the glue. It felt a bit like a course block, where the pages peel off easily.
The Broken Binding’s customer service was super professional and I was promptly promised a new copy after I had sent photographic evidence that I had torn out the title page of the book. A few weeks later I already received the replacement. I was allowed to keep the damaged copy, but it’s not something I really want to keep. Howevever, since it would be a shame to simply throw it away or leave gathering dust in a corner, so maybe I can make someone happy with this!

Wang, M.L. – The Sword of Kaigen

In my post about the kickstarter for “The Sword of Kaigen” you could already read that I had read something incorrectly somewhere and therefore ended up with two copies of the book, the super deluxe hardcover edition and the paperback edition. Initially I thought I would just keep both copies, but after a while I decided this was excessive and unnecessary. So I’m just going to keep the hardcover and try to sell the paperback.

I suspect this won’t be much of a problem, as the book remains a favorite of many. Wraithmark, who created the kickstarter for this book, continues to be bombarded with requests for a second print run of this special edition. Because they don’t want to offend the original backers of this campaign – one of their selling points wasa limited print run of 4000 copies – they recently decided to launch a new kickstarter for this book, for another completely new, unique and limited edition.
So this book remains a rarity and given the large number of fans, someone will want to buy it, even if it is the paperback. At least I hope so ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sanderson, Brandon – Rhythm of War Part Two

When they are announced, I buy Fairyloot’s special editions of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.
To be completely honest, I somewhat regret that I started collecting these, because I don’t think they are that special. But since these are always limited editions that sell out very quickly, I still continue to buy them, because I don’t want half a collection.

Because these books are so big, each is split into two books, including this 4th installment. When I received my two books, I noticed damage on the back of book 2. I was sent a replacement copy of this one, without having to return the damaged copy.
I have no idea whether anyone will want to buy half of this book, but I can try…

Sim, Tara – The Midnight Kingdom

This is the continuation of The City of Dusk, which I got through my Fairyloot Adult subscription.
Although the story got off to a slow start for me, I really enjoyed this first book and I was very curious about the sequel. So when Fairyloot launched their special matching edition for this sequel, I naturally made sure I could get my hands on one. Unfortunately I was too slow for a signed copy, but the fact that this edition matches the first book is also a big win for me.

Unfortunately, upon arrival the package turned out to have had a bit of an adventure. Almost nothing remained of the box and although the book still looks reasonable from the front, closer inspection of the cover and hardback showed clear signs of abuse.
Fairyloot didn’t need more than the photos below to send me a replacement copy, again without me having to return this damaged copy. Once again I think it would be a shame to just throw this away, in the end the text inside remains unchanged, so hopefully I can make someone happy with this too.

Jikeimi-Pearson, Esmie – The Principle of Moments

I got this book through my Illumicrate box from last December and although this doesn’t really fall under damaged books, I was still not 100% satisfied with the copy I received.

I saw that the foil on the hardcover was printed very crooked, both on the front of the cover and on the spine. I thought this looked really sloppy, but I didn’t really have much hope that Illumicrate would do anything about it. Still, I sent a message to customer service and to my surprise I immediately received a response that I was going to get a new copy. So yes, now I have two copies, both in perfect condition, but one looking a little wonky. So I’m getting rid of this one!

Thiede, Emily – This Cursed Light

Another sequel to a Fairyloot book, This Vicious Grace.
Although I have not yet read this first book, I decided to buy the matching edition of the sequel, especially since it is a duology.

Initially, my copy looked very good when I unpacked it, until I went to look at the endpapers and discovered that it was seriously torn at the back. Again 5 stars for Fairyloot’s customer service, because I was immediately sent a replacement. The damaged copy can therefore go to a new owner for a lower price!

Sanderson, Brandon – The Sunlit Man

Ook deze zagen jullie al de revue passeren. Dit is Brandon Sandersons 4de Secret Project waarvoor ik een vervangexemplaar ontving, nadat ik een kleine beschadiging onderaan in de folie melde. Twee identieke exemplaren houden vind ik er een beetje over, hoe mooi het boek er ook uitziet, dus deze gaat ook op zoek naar een nieuwe lezer!

This is another one I have already shown here. This is Brandon Sanderson’s 4th Secret Project for which I received a replacement copy after I reported minor damage in the foil at the bottom of the front cover. I think keeping two identical copies is a bit of a stretch, no matter how beautiful the book looks, so this one will also be looking for a new reader!

And those are the books for this update to my unhaul project!
I don’t know if I’m going to continue writing a blog post every time I post books on Vinted. Now that I have started it, I feel a kind of obligation to continue doing this, but I also think it is premature, given that those books have not yet effectively disappeared from my bookshelves. Maybe in the future I will limit it to when the books have actually been sold? We’ll see, unless you find this super interesting of course ๐Ÿ˜‰


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