Book unhaul #1

You may know that a lot of new books constantly find their way to my bookshelves. Besides the number of booksubscriptions, I’m also not averse to simply buying books, be it online or in a brick and mortar store.
I do have quite a bit of space on my bookshelves, but with the constant influx, this space is rapidly shrinking. If I just keep bringing in books and not getting rid of anything, sooner or later I’ll run out of space.

For a while I’ve been considering starting a Vinted shop. I have bought a couple of books through this platform and it seems like a good place. However, I have not yet made the plunge.

A slightly more low-impact way of getting rid of no-longer-wanted books is of course to donate them.
I recently discovered a local little library, so this seemed like a good way to find new readers for some of my books. Through a quick inquiry I learned that only Dutch books were wanted, but no big deal, although I now read almost exclusively in English, I do still have a number of Dutch books that would benefit from a new owner. For a first selection, I came up with eight books that I gave to a new home for various reasons!

Rendell, Ruth – Het Labyrint

Original title: The Minotaur

I bought this book a very long time ago at the airport, but ultimately never got around to reading it.
In the meantime, I still haven’t read it and although the synopsis seems nice for a cozy mystery, chances are slim that I’ll be reading this story in this format. I either will go in search for the audiobook or at least read it in its original language. So on to a new home!

Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln – De Gruwelkamer

Original title: The Cabinet of Curiosities

Preston & Child have long been my favourite authors for thriller/mysteries, with a dash of paranormality. I have devoured many of their books through the library, but I bought this copy at the airport just like the previous one, and did read it.
I’ve even read this more than once (dating well before Goodreads, so I don’t have a review of it) and have very fond memories of it, but I can’t see myself reading it again so I don’t think it’s necessary to hold onto it.

Ruiven, Emmy van – Supernerd

This is an original Dutch book, the debut of Emmy who blogs on Zon en Maan. I mainly bought this to support her, since the book didn’t really speak to me. I did read it with an open mind, but my feeling was right and this wasn’t really for me. Granted, I’m not its target audience, so I hope this one will find its audience through the little library!

Gerrits, Vanessa – Op het Slappe Koord

Another book originally written in Dutch, by Flemish author Vanessa, from whom I’ve read and enjoyed a number of books. Also this one I quite enjoyed; a very nice chicklit, of which I initially planned to read the sequel. As far as I know, this sequel is still not available and my interest has greatly diminished in the meantime. So better to pass on the book!

Boyne, John – Noah Barleywater gaat ervandoor

Original title: Noah Barleywater Runs Away

A book I got in a sale, despite it being a bit atypical for me. Not really a genre I gravitate too, but the sales price was too good and I was somewhat curious.
I actually really enjoyed this book, really heartwarming, but I don’t really need to keep it. I hope I can give someone else the sense of wonder I had when reading this book!

Macgregor, Virginia – Wat Milo Zag

Original title: What Milo Saw

Another atypical book I got in a sales a long time ago.
Meanwhile, there was never a moment where I really felt like picking this up, and after five years or more, there’s no point in holding on to it. There are too many books that are more my thing that are still unread on my shelf. So hopefully I can make someone else happy with this!

Conin, Justin – De oversteek

Original title: The Passage

Sometimes I buy books and later wonder why on earth I bought them. This is one of those.
No, that’s a lie. I know why I bought it, because the synopsis sounded interesting. But in the meantime I learned that this book is about some kind of vampire and I lost my interest. Right or wrong, I can’t say. The fact is that I never feel like starting this story, despite its very high score on Goodreads. So better find it a new home.

Schätzing, Frank – De Zwerm

Original title: Der Schwarm | English title: The Swarm

And finally a book I bought way too long ago, am always interested in when I read the back cover, but I’m never actually inclined to start it. So yeah, at some point I just have to admit that there’s little chance I’ll read it. So to a new home!

And voilà, this has created a little extra space on my bookshelves. Hopefully these eight books will find their readers and make them happy!

Do you do regular unhauls? And if yes, how do you unhaul?


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