Reading journal September 2023

For my September reading journal I drew inspiration from different sources.
It started with a sheet of stickers that I bought a while ago from 24papershop, when I was shopping for a new journal for next year’s reading journal. I already liked the stickers when I chose them from my computer screen, but in real life I was twice as impressed with the illustrations.
From the small print on the sticker sheet I learned that the artist is Stephanie Law. Be sure to visit her website, because her style is truly sublime! So I wanted to build my theme for September entirely around those stickers

I printed one of the stickers on a larger size to serve as a centerpiece. I combined with gold wrapping paper from my The Broken Binding boxes and paper torn from an old book. For the colour palette, I let myself also be guided by the illustrations, which often use an olive green and gray-blue colour as accents. I also chose my washi tapes based on that.

Everything came together when I came across this font on Pinterest. It was not too hard to replicate and I thought it was ideal to highlight my three chosen accent colors (olive green, lilac and gray).
The final piece of the puzzle clicked in place when when I decided not to write in the accent colours as I usually do, but to use them as a background for my text written in black.

I am really happy with the result. I would never have chosen these colours if it hadn’t been for the illustrations by Stephanie Law, but I really like how they look together. Simultaneously really fresh and cozy.

With the use of this font, I also deviated from the standard I had set up with the previous months, since I also decided to use it in the titles of each book read in their individual review pages. I was enjoying myself so much by drawing them out, that I really had to restrain myself to not use it everywhere!

Yes, really happy with this look!


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