Work in Progress

Genre blanket 2022: September

The genre blanket I wanted to make in 2022 is still not completely finished. It grows slowly but steadily. It is clear that I will still keep me busy for a while in 2023. That is why I have completely reconciled myself with my decision not to start a new one for 2023. Otherwise I would completely overstress myself, which is not at all intended.

Anyway, I’m now at the books of September 2022.

September genres
1. Sci-Fi
2. Mystery
3. Adult Fantasy
4. YA Fantasy
5. Romance
6. YA Fantasy
7. Mystery
8. Adult Fantasy
9. Historical romance
10. YA Fantasy

In september 2022 I read ten books, spread over 6 different genres.

As you can see, the blanket continues to skew a bit. This probably has to do with the fact that I don’t always crochet as tight/loose throughout the months and the yarn I’m using is not always evenly in thickness.

The skewing is not that extreme, but it’s especially noticeable when I try to take a nice photo for my usual photo with the stripes per month on it. Then I notice how I have to pull on it to make the colours align.

But all that fades into nothing when I look at the whole thing like this, because I really think this is a very cool result. The colours go well together and the random alternating based on my read genres really gives a unique whole!

Now I still have 3 months to crochet! IEP!