Forest animals dungerees

Christmas has been over for a while and the Christmas presents have all been unwrapped, but I didn’t show them all here yet. I can already hear you thinking:
Erm, Charlotte, there must have already been 7 posts about presents with I don’t know how many creations! When will this end?!
Well, now, actually. This is the last of the homemade Christmas presents. One that has actually been lying cut and ready to sew in a basket in the attic since early 2022, but that I didn’t finish because of the doubt monster

For Christmas 2021 I made simple pajamas for my youngest godchild from a really nice fabric. I liked this fabric so much, that when I bought it, I of course bought way too much of it again, so I can now cut at least 2 more pajamas from the fabric, if not more.

Later I also made a couple of dunegrees from a new pattern using knit/cozy fabrics. I liked these so much that I had the idea to also use some of the forest animals fabric to make another pair.

But after I had cut out all my pieces, I hit a sort of mental wall. By now I had started associating this fabric with pajamas, that it threw doubt on my dungerees idea. So I kind of forgot about this project for tenish months.

Fast forward to december.
I was completely in my making-mojo combined with a ugh, I have so many things lying around for someday, but someday never comes and I really should do something about this-mojo.
These are times that I’m annoyed with myself to not simply finish things I started even though I’m suddenly not sure about it anymore.

So all this just to say that I finished the dungerees.

And yes, actually, it actually doesn’t look that bad after all. Yes, I have used the fabric for pajamas before, but isn’t this fabric also great for a child to wear like this? An extra outfit to romp and play in.

And that’s how a project I started working on at the beginning of 2022 became the last homemade gift at the end of 2022!