Work in Progress

Genre blanket: August

Finally some more progress in my genre blanket of 2022! Since we are already quite far into the first month of 2023, I have put the idea of making another bookish blanket in the closet this year.
I thought about it for a while, because it really is a very cool concept with surprising results. But since I still have a while to go before my 2022 blanket will be finished and I currently have no concrete plan in place for a 2023 blanket, I am not going to stress myself out by insisting on starting a 2023 blanket. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, but for now I’m just going to focus on finishing what I’m doing šŸ˜‰

So my 2022 genre blanket has grown for another month. August was a productive reading month, which has become very common for me in recent years thanks to the magical readathon. I read a total of 13 books across 7 genres. So quite a crochet job!

Augustus genres
1. Historical fiction
2. YA Fantasy
3. Graphic novel
4. Mystery
5. Middlegrade Fantasy
6. Adult Fantasy
7. Adult Fantasy
8. Mystery
9. Adult Fantasy
10. Sci-Fi
11. Thriller
12. Adult Fantasy
13. Historical romance

Quite the high concentration of green this month, but I think it looks good.

In total I have now crocheted 77 stripes and it is starting to become difficult to take overhead pictures of the blanket as a whole.

Now I still have another 4 months to go, that is another 37 stripes. That will keep me busy for another while šŸ˜‰