September TBR: Becca’s Bookoplathon 2022

One readathon hasn’t quite finished yet and the next one is already in the starting blocks! Becca’s Bookoplaton has been a tradition for me since September 2020. This year will be my third year participating.

In this readathon, your next book is determined using a modified Monopoly board. Every year, Becca creates a completely new board for this readathon, with always new and surprising ideas.
For her announcement and the full explanation of this year’s board, I highly recommend you watch her video on YouTube.

But in short, you determine in advance how many books you want to put on your TBR of the month. The number of books then corresponds to the number of times you roll the dice. You then move around the board and the box you land in gives you a prompt to help select a book.
Like every year I transferred the game into an Excel table and threw virtual dice instead of real ones, but it all comes down to the same thing.

For the community shelf cards I drew 16 assignments from my TBR jar and listed them in the Excel.
For the chance cards I did the same but here I chose book titles, limiting myself to unread books that I had received via Owlcrate. Coincidentally, I have exactly 16 left to read!
I adjusted the assignment for one square on the game board, because I didn’t have the time and the inclination to make a survey. I replaced Poll Pick with a book that was previously on a TBR of mine, but I have not yet read.
For rolling the dice and choosing the cards, I used the RANDBETWEEN function in Excel, which returns a random result every time you press enter.
And then I just opened the board on my computer and followed the boxes I landed in.

For the number of throws I decided to follow Becca’s lead and go for 5 throws. This would then basically equal 5 books unless I rolled a double digit, requiring one more roll, which I had to do because of my 5th roll! Eventually I ended up with a TBR of 6 books for September.

# D1 D2 Prompt TBR

Chance #1 Wells, H.G. – The Time Machine
Phew, already a tough first throw: a classic! This is only a small book and I already know the main lines of the story, but I fear that this will be a dense read. Worst case scenario, I can switch to the audiobook on Storytel!

Summer Bailey, Tessa – My Killer Vacation
Because this could actually be my ultimate summer read: a combination of a summer romance and a cozy murder mystery! My expectations are high, even though I haven’t had the best experience with this author thus far. Fingers crossed!

Chance #5 Lim, Elizabeth – Spin the Dawn
Oh, nice! I’ve had this one in my hands already a couple of times this year, seeing if I was in the mood for it, but haven’t found the right mindset for it yet. Hopefully September will be the month!

Becca Rec Taylor, Lainee – Strange the Dreamer
I was so happy to find this one in one of Becca’s recommendation videos, because I definitely still want to read this duology before the end of this year. September will finally be the month that I start!

Most recent purchase Horowitz, Anthony – The Twist of a Knife
Yay, the long-awaited sequel to the Detective Hawthorn series came out mid-August. Normally this would be available on Storytel, but it disappeared from their selection shortly before the expected publication. Fortunately, since March I also have Audible (all so I could listen to The Diviners series), so I already know what I’ll use my next token for. This is also perfect, since strictly speaking it will then become my most recent purchase!

Small book <300 Sanderson, Brandon – Mistborn: Secret History or
Atwater, Olivia – Half a Soul
What a lucky extra roll, to only have to choose a little book!
But as you can see, I haven’t totally made my mind up yet.
On the one hand I do want to read this Mistborn novella before the publication of The Lost Metal, but this little historical romance combined with fantasy elements has been flirting with me for a while now.
We’ll see what mood I’m in when the time comes. Or maybe I’ll even pick something completely different!

And those are my September reading plans. Doable for me, I think.
Is anyone else participating in this readathon?