Birthday dresses

It has become a sort of a tradition that I give my nieces something I made myself for their birthdays and this time was no different.

This time I chose a pattern that has been in my favourites for a while now, but I never made it, since it only comes in one size. I’m talking about the violet dress by Shelby Dyas. But I didn’t use violet to knit this number, but went for a random stripe.

I really liked how this version turned out, but still I was in doubt about the size. I always think my knitwork will be too small, even when experience tells me it is usually too big. So yeah, due to the doubt, I decided to knit up a second dress which would be a tad bit larger, by recalculating the stitches. I also made the armholes a little nicer by using the ribstitch. For this version I only used one colour, a beautiful grassy green.

As anticipated, both dresses fit perfectly, even while wearing a shirt underneath.


The details
Pattern: Violet dress by Shelby Dyas
Yarn: Zeeman Super Soft Baby in light blue (59g), dark blue (28g) and coral (22g) for the striped dress grassy green (105g) for the uni-colour dress
Needle: 4mm
Gauge: 10cm² = 21 stitches over 28 rows
Size: as written for the striped dress and recalculated with a cast on of 92 stitches for the green dress
Ravelry project: striped dress & green dress