CAL met Dawn Toussaint: Deel 4

Dit is een artikel dat werd gekopieerd uit mijn oude blog. Toen schreef ik nog uitsluitend in het Engels

I’m a little behind with this part. Dawn already posted the fourth and final part of her Padma the elephant on Wednesday. The final instructions are available on her blog here.

And here is my Padma, embellishments and all:


She looks so cute! I might be a little biased, but honestly, you have to admit this elephant is incredibly cute!

The eyes were made with a combination of crochet and 10mm safety eyes.
I crocheted a magic ring in white with 6 single crochets. I inserted the safety eyes in the center of the magic ring and then attached the whole to the elephant.

Padma-012   Padma-013

For the embellishments I used some seed-beads, sequins, embroidery thread and nylon thread.
The seed-beads on the forehead were arranged on the nylon thread, which was than added onto the crochet. The head wasn’t closed yet, so I hid the ends of the nylon thread inside.
I made a small tassel to attach to the other end and this was used to attach the other end of the nylon thread onto the trunk. At the top I arranged some seed-beads and sequins to make the main focal point.


As for the pattern, the final part was not difficult at all. As is Dawn’s habit, the different parts of the elephant were crocheted together, so no sewing was needed. If it’s the first time you crochet something together like this, you might curse a couple of times (I know I did), but once you found how to best hold things, this method is actually fantastic. Especially if you, like me, detest the sewing part of making amigurumi. 😀

So, what are you waiting for? Make your own Padma and show her of here, at Dawn’s Ravelry group!