CAL met Dawn Toussaint: Deel 3 – AHA!

Dit is een artikel dat werd gekopieerd uit mijn oude blog. Toen schreef ik nog uitsluitend in het Engels

Yes, AHA! 💡
I predicted I would hit myself over the head for not getting it, and I was right. I feel a little stooooopid now *blush blush* 😳 .

Thanks to RedSamur, who kindly gave me a push in the right direction, I figured out what I couldn’t figure out a couple of hours ago: The shaping of Padma’s ears. Thank you RedSamur :D!!

And while I’m making collages, I made one to explain the shaping 😉


See, I didn’t make a mistake in the crochet. What I explained earlier was correct, I just had to push the open-ended crochet to the inside. Genius this shaping!


So, part 3 is finished; I crocheted both ears. Funnily, my variegated purple wool decided to drastically change colour when I started the second ear, making this ear a lot darker than all the other crochet work done for Padma. This ear also ended up slightly bigger. I’ll see how it looks in the end and decide then if I need to make a new ear.

On to the fourth and final part of this pattern, which will be posed next Wednesday (Thursday, my timezone)!!! Can’t wait to see how this all comes together. And hopefully, no stupidity from my part 😉