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Noses and needles

If I had bothered to look further than the length of my nose, I would have been able to answer my own question about Catania from my previous post. Can you remember this dress from last year? Well, I crocheted this with exactly 6 skeins of Catania cotton and the end result wasn’t too heavy Lees meer »

Summer yarn question

Good morning all! Have a nice Pentecostal Monday ^_^ In reaction to my previous post, Myriam asked me if Catania cotton is well suited to make summery clothes with. I had always assumed it is. It can’t only be meant for amigurumi, right? But due to another reaction, by Marianne, I’m starting to have doubts. Lees meer »

Why I couldn’t control myself this time

In my previous post I already mentioned that I had a shopping spree in a yarn shop. This was triggered by a single pattern that had been on my mind for a while now. Until last Thursday I had been able to control myself, but then I saw some other patterns that really made my Lees meer »

Going overboard

I’m already planning my Christmas presents. A bit early perhaps, but the earlier the better I think. Especially with my erratic hooking abilities 😉 Anyway, no better excuse than to splurge on yarn than planned presents. So I bought some yarn last week. A LOT of yarn… On August 30th my first order was a Lees meer »