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Fox for baby Thomas

In October a friend/colleague became mom of a little boy, Thomas. Of course I also wanted to make something myself to give when I went to visit, and when I saw the birth announcement, I immediately knew that that something would be a fox. First I had wanted to imitate the fox from the announcement, Lees meer »

Comet CAL #1

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the CAL for Comet the Unicorn by Projectarian. All those who purchased the pattern will now be receiving a part of the pattern every week until December 12th. After I purchased the pattern, I started digging in my yarn stash. I refused to buy new yarn, since I have Lees meer »

Unicorn CAL

The other day, when I clicked open the Pinterest-app on my phone, this image immediatly jumped out to me. Of course, I immediatly clicked through and arrived on the blog of Jessie van In, a.k.a. Projectarian. This sweet unicorn is a pattern she designed based on her years of experience of crocheting her Nomadic Galaxy Lees meer »

My secret santa gift

They say that you can look back at the previous year until the end of January. If that’s the case, I’m totally going to ignore that rule, since I’m a little behind with my overviews of 2017. I still have at least 4 posts under way, but that’s not the reason for this post. In Lees meer »

Gus the knight

One of my colleagues became mom to a little boy named Gus last November. The announcement featured this tough-looking knight. So when I got to test a pattern for a knight doll for Annelies from Vicarno , I already knew to whom I was going to give my knight. I’ve finished my doll a while Lees meer »

Dolphin madness

This fall break, my brother and his girlfriend wanted to go to London for the weekend. That’s not easy with two small children, so I agreed to stay in Belgium with my god-daughter. The baby went to London too as she still needed to be breastfed ;). Staying indoors with a two-year-old for a whole Lees meer »