Reading journal April 2023

April was the month of the magical readathon and as always, this also features prominently in my reading journal. This time, instead of doing my monthly spread first, I decided to do a sort of recap of my journey in the readathon so far. The plan is that I will make a similar page at the very front for my reading journal of next year, which I can add to throughout the year.

For this spread I collected all the information from my achievements in the renewed magical readathon: my character, my entrance exam, my admission to a guild, my studies and my reputation.

For this readathon, BookRoast also came up with a new kind of story-based quest on top of the other assignments for the studies. I also made a separate page for this, to keep track of my progress.

And now that I had made these spreads, I could continue my monthly cover as usual without having to make too many additions for the readathon!
For April I chose a green color, inspired by a calendar print of some blossoms. For writing I used both green and a bronzy color, combined with some stickers.

For my list of books read, things got a little tight, forcing me to write the last few books a bit closer together. In the past I would have worried about that and would have been tempted to put a paper over it and start over, because it doesn’t look perfect. Now I can let it go, for which I’m glad, lol.

There were a few candidates for my favorite book of the month of April. The book I gave the highest score was Before They Are Hanged , but since I already chose a book from this series for February’s favorite, I wanted to choose another book. And then this The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels jumped out above all the rest for reading enjoyement!

The pages with my reviews per book follow the same template as always. This month I ventured into a little bit of drawing again for the divider. Very simple, but one more beautifully drawn than the other, depending on how much patience I had at that moment, lol.

Finally, I tipped in a printout of all the books read for the readathon and for which class. I then used the very last remaining page to summarize my april spring semester and to keep track of my points from the side quests I’m still working on, so I know what rank I can start in August!

Very happy with how this month turned out, both for my usual monthly spreads, for which I really like the layout and colours which radiate peace, and for the extra spreads I made for the readathon.