Harry Potter Headbands

They’re all the rage these days, headbands. I saw them appearing everywhere and I had thought several times that this would be a fun craft project.
In the meantime I had made the Gryffindor beanies and also wanted to do something with the other leftovers from the Harry Potter-scarves, but hats suddenly didn’t really appeal to me that much anymore. A hairband, on the other hand, I was totally into it.

Now, I didn’t know if this would be a good idea to make with my knitting mill, since it would make for a pretty wide headband. I kept hesitating for a while, but well, I wanted to try it, so I got to it.

First again Hufflepuff and, oh, how nice!
Because I have to work with 46 stitches in the round on my knitting mill anyway, the band did indeed come out quite wide, but I still found it perfectly usable. Ok yes, narrower might be better for smaller heads, but I still loved it!

So I went straight to Gryffindor!
After making the hats, I had nothing left of the yarn I had used for the scarves. I did however still have enough of the fine red yarn to hold double. And yellow I still had enough off.
And even though the yarn used is different from that of the scarf, the colours turned out to be a perfect match!

Then on to Slytherin, for which I also had more than enough of the green tweed yarn left. No more gray however, but I also had enough other gray yarn in my stash I could use instead.

Finally again Ravenclaw.
Here too, I still had enough of the blue tweed, but I ran out of the bronze a few rounds before the end. I solved this by using a remnant of the fox beanies. Not a perfect colour match, but still looking good!

See, how cute!
I went for a classic twist for the closure, since that’s what I personally like best.

And besides the facts that these are perfect additional gifts to go with the scarves and had let me use up any of the leftovers which would otherwise be left in a bag, they also worked as perfect packaging material to keep the scarves from unrolling. Win win win! 😀