Random ripple blanket: Ta-dah!

I’ve finished it for a while now, but I wanted to wait to show it here until I had given it to its recipient. I made this ripple as a special request by my goddaughter and Sunday I gave it to her on her birthday party.

I had been tempted a couple of times to give the blanket sooner, because she kept asking about it. “Aunt Charlotte, have you finished my blanket yet?” Very tempting, yes.

This is my second ripple and my first finished random colour project.
I’m not good at doing random, so I developed my own logical way to choose randomly. Can you follow 😉 . If you’re interested, I’ll explain it one day.
In any case, I love how this random blanket turned out 😀

For the border I made sure my blanket already had a straight top and bottom, crocheted in the same colour. On both sides I also crocheted in the same colour, two rows of double crochet (US terms). That way my entire ripple was framed in the same colour. Then I crocheted another 7 rounds of single crochet (US terms) in 7 different colours, ending with a picot edge.

And then I was suddenly finished, two weeks before her birthday party. And either she felt it coming, or she thought she had already waited too long, but those two weeks she asked about that blanket on several occasions.

But I managed to wait another 2 weeks, because otherwise I had no tangible gift for her birthday. Her real present is a day at an amusement park, just her and me. But we all know children love presents, I kept this blanket for that occasion.

I only had plain brown wrapping paper, so to embellish I used some of the same yarn as the blanket to crochet a large flower and a long chain in 5 different colours to wrap around the package.
And believe it or not, but that little extra was almost as well received as the blanket. Almost 😉

The details
Pattern: Adjusted Neat Ripple with 3 double crochets between waves and a straight wave at the beginning and end
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Citron (57g), Sunshine (47g), Spice (46g), Pomegrenate (100g), Raspberry (61g), Pale Rose (47g), Lipstick (55g), Plum (49g), Magenta (46g), Grape (58g), Sherbert (64g) and Cloud Blue (38g)
Needle: 4 mm
Size: 86cm x 128cm
Starting chain: 144
Number of stripes: 60