Hogwarts Charms Homework May 2010

Ik amuseer me echt te pletter me de HPKCHC! Ik heb vooral plezier in het verzinnen van verhalen zodat iets dat ik eigenlijk voordien al wilde maken nu kan gebruikt worden voor een huistaak.
De opdracht voor charms was als volgt:

This month we will be working on Charmed Creatures.

Avifors – charm used to turn small objects into birds – used by Hermione in Half Blood Prince to create the birds she then sent after Ron with Oppugno

Lapifors – used to charm a small rabbit statue to life

Draconifors – used to charm a small dragon statue to life

Craft something inspired by either Birds, Rabbits or Dragons.
Literal interpretations are welcome as are the more abstract ideas.

Bonus points for, amongst other things, good stories, something that catches my eye and makes me go ooooo.

En de amigurumi die ik al een tijdje wilde maken is deze:


Om te voldoen aan de opdracht haakte ik ook een koppel Gryffindor Love Birds:

En dit is het verhaal dat ik erbij verzon:

Today I practiced my Avifor charm, which permits the transfiguration of small objects into birds.
I had a lot of fun changing small pebbles into twittering, multi-coloured teeny-tiny birdies, but at one point I realized that, not so soon after I created my little birds, an eerie silence followed.
At first, I thought nothing off it. Birds can fly and they can fly quick. But after a while I found the deafening silence a little bit too suspicious It briefly crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe my spell was failing and that my birds turned back to pebbles soon after I created them, but a closer inspection of the matter revealed this little rascal:

Look how smug he looks, surrounded by the remains of my perfectly executed spell! Oh, my poor little birds!
To avenge them I decided to teach the kitty-cat a lesson he won’t soon forget. I put everything I had into the next Avifor charm I cast and behold, I managed to produce two gigantic – to the kitties eyes – Gryffindor Love Birds. He doesn’t look so brave now, does he!

De vogeltjes werden gemaakt via een gratis patroon van Lionbrand Yarns: hier.
Het patroon voor het poesje komt uit het Japanse boek Amigurumi cats & friends.