About Charami

Hello there!

I’m Charlotte, Belgian and since 2009 totally hooked on crochet. Notice the pun there 😉

I always had a vague interest in crafts like knitting and crochet, but it never went further than this interest. At school we never learned it either, so it wasn’t a very prominent interest. This remained so until I discovered amigurumi in 2009.

Amigurumi is a Japanese word formed from 2 other words. The first word “ami(from the verb “amu“) means knitting or crochet; the second word “nuigurumi” means stuffed toy. So amigurumi are knitted or crocheted softies.
Generally speaking, amigurumi are super cute or, like the Japanese say, kawaii.

The more I learned about these cute, crocheted animals, the more my fingers itched to learn this too. Of course, I first needed to learn how to crochet and this I learned through YouTube. Yep, YouTube truely is a phenomenal place to see detailed video’s for several different crochet techniques. More details on how and where I taught myself to crochet can be found here.

After a lot of practising, failing and more practising I finally managed to produce something recognizable.
I was so proud! So proud that I decided I didn’t want to keep this to myself and the people directly around me. No, I wanted to share with the world 😉
And what is the best way nowadays to share something with the world? Yes, through a blog.

After some thought I created a blog at WordPress.com: charami.wordpress.com. On this blog, I wrote about my crochet experiences in English.
But then I had an idea to share Dutch (my native tongue) translations of patterns and I found it a little bit strange to post these on a blog mainly written in English. So I decided to create a second blog, Charami NL, in which the NL stood for Nederlands, which is the Dutch word for Dutch ^_^.

Initially, this Dutch blog was only used to post pattern translations, translation schemes and tutorials in Dutch, but after a certain amount of time I started to blog more on the Dutch blog than the English one. This was probably due to the higher response rate on the Dutch version 😉 .

And then came the idea of owning my own domain. To no longer be dependent of WordPress, but have an own site, with my own space and everything I want. And here enters charami.com.

Wait, what? You say this site is called english.charami.com.
Ahum, yeah, you’re right. Here is again an English version of the blog. It seems my mind keeps doubting in which language to blog. I finally settle on Dutch, and then I keep receiving messages on charami.com from non-Dutch readers 🙄
So I decided to keep a mirror of the main site in English, anyway. This will however be a very light mirror. Not everything will get translated. Only a post here and there, just to quench your thirst, so to speak 😀

So look around, and if you have any question or request, you van always leave a message or contact me through the contact form.

Oh, before I forget, if the origin of this blogs name – CharAmi – still isn’t clear after this long winded explanation, my name is Charlotte and it all started with Amigurumi 😀

Have fun and thank you for your visit!


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